$30,000+ Raised to Date

Born from a life-changing school trip to Cambodia, our student-led initiative bridges cultures and generations. Every purchase from our collection of ethically crafted, 100% cotton accessories directly supports Cambodian women and their children's education. Run with dedication and professionalism, we're proving that young minds can create impactful, sustainable change. Join us in weaving a future where every thread counts towards empowerment and education.

  • Ethically Made

    Crafted with care, our products embody ethical practices, ensuring fair and supportive working conditions for Cambodian women artisans.

  • 100% Natural Cotton

    From the fields to your home: Each of our hand-dyed products is made from 100% cotton, carefully cultivated and crafted by Cambodian women.

  • Makes a Difference

    By supporting our ethical mission, you help create a ripple effect of empowerment for Cambodian women, offering them fair wages and the opportunity to provide a better education for their children

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