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Sonas is a weaving village located in Cambodia. It consists of 12 women who weave all of our products. Our company, Sonas to America, donates all of our profits back to the weaving village so that they are able to create incomes for these women and give them an opportunity to send their children to college, which is rare in Cambodia. Each purchase makes a positive impact in these women’s lives, and for that we thank you!
Mia is currently a senior at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy. Mia founded Sonas to America in the fall of 2019 along with Alysa Akins. She has taken the role of CFO as well as managing the retail side of Sonas to America. Working closely with Paul Gil, the founder of the Sonas Weaving Village, she manages the wiring of money for both payment of bulk products as well as donations. To date, Mia has supervised over $4,500 of donations back to Sonas, Cambodia. Mia is planning on continuing her work with Sonas to America through college and beyond.

The newest member of the Sonas team, Meena Padhye is a junior at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy who believes in sustainable, ethical, and high quality products. She began her work with Sonas to America in June 2020 and is taking on the role of social media manager and head of marketing.

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